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"Türkiye'nin Entelektüel Aklının Buluşma Noktası"

The Architect of Love

Niyazi Mısri

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True spiritual Masters are like rivers, each with their own uniquely pure, sweet water, nourished by the highest peaks. Although one may see them flowing on the surface, mostly, they are underground rivers, making it hard to access them. But, if one finds a way to access a true spiritual Master, you will very soon realize that he is, amazingly, a door, a passageway to the deepest realities of existence, a healing for wounded hearts, and a secure harbor within the unending turmoils of life.

With that encounter with a true spiritual Master, if you let it happen, a vibrant, marvellous, and intoxicating dance of the heart begins which will take you to the unexpected beauties of your inner existence. We hope, this book, The Architect of Love, which includes a selection of fifty English-translated  poems, will open a way for readers to experience such an encounter with the mighty spiritual presence of Niyazi Mısri, the great Turkish sufi Master, lived in the 17th century Ottoman period, who is especially well-known for his beautiful, spiritually energizing sufi poems which have been widely read in Turkish sufi circles for centuries.

Basım Dili: İngilizce
Basım Tarihi: 1. Baskı, Ağustos 2019
Sayfa Sayısı: 196
ISBN: 978-605-69195-7-2
Basım Yeri: İstanbul / Türkiye
Kategori: İngilizce

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